Do you do carpentry work?

Yes, we can assist with most minor carpentry work. Contact us to discuss your needs. You will also find some examples of tasks we can hep with on our residential page.

Can you do major building or construction?

No. We do minor building works and repairs only. For larger tasks a licensed building contractor is required.

Can you remove walls?

Provided that the wall is minor and is non-structural, we may be able to assist. Get in touch and we can discuss it.

Can you replace timber around my home?

Yes we can generally do minor timber repairs and replacement such as weatherboards, skirting boards, and architraves to name a few. Just send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Can you make custom made furniture?

Yes we can generally do minor timber repairs and replacement such as weatherboards, skirting boards, and architraves to name a few. Just send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs

Can you fix my fence or gate?

Yes. We can make repairs to get your gate working again or replace some palings or pickets on your fence. Specialist repairs such as metalwork or automated gates may require a specialist.



I have a hole in my wall, can you patch it?

Yes. We can patch holes in plaster walls and repair dents and damage to walls. We can also paint over the repaired area. If you have some of the paint in the right wall colour this will help, otherwise we can source paint matched to the same colour and paint the area.

I have cracks in my wall, can you fix them?

Yes, we can fill the cracks in the wall and paint over using paint matched to the colour of your wall. Serious structural issues may need to be investigated by a licensed building contractor.

I have a hole in a door, can it be repaired?

If it is a small hole it may be possible to fill and repair, but if the hole is large and deemed irreparable, a replacement door will be required. We can arrange to supply, fit, and paint a new door for you.

I have gaps around my place. Can you fill them?

Yes we can apply acrylic gap filler where required and can apply silicon to wet areas.


My wall is marked or damaged, can you fix it?

Yes, we can patch and paint walls, and source paint matched to the same colour.

IDo you supply the paint?

Yes we can supply the paint. If you know the colour, that can save some time. Otherwise we can take a sample and get it matched.

Can you colour match the paint?

Yes we can take a sample from the area being painted and get the paint matched.u.

Do you do interior and exterior painting?

Yes we can do both interior and exterior painting work. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Can you paint my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, my whole house or my apartment?

We can paint all of these for you. For larger scale works, it may be best to contact a painting contractor.


Can you tile my bathroom, kitchen floor or living room?

In some instances yes but generally, for larger scale tiling jobs it’s best to engage a tiling contractor.

I have a small tiling job, can you help me?

Yes. We can do minor tiling jobs and broken tile replacements. Where a broken or cracked tile needs to be removed and replaced, it is more economical if you have some of the replacement tiles ready.

Do you do minor grouting?

Yes we can grout small areas for you.

Can you re-grout my whole bathroom?

We can re-grout small areas however for large areas it is best to engage a specialist as the removal of grout requires specialist tools.

Can you match my tiles?

Unless they are readily available, tiles can be difficult to match. It may be best to contact a tiling contractor or tile manufacturer for this.


<br /> I have something from IKEA, can you build and install it?

Yes, we can assemble your IKEA furniture and mount it to the wall if necessary. It is important that you have all of the items that you want assembled ready. We will bring the tools and the things needed to fix it to the wall.or.

I have something that is not from IKEA, can you assemble it?

Yes, if you have the necessary boxes, pieces, parts, nuts, bolts, etc and the instructions—we can do it. If you don’t have the instructions, we are handymen and will try our best to work it out.

Can you assemble a shed, a bookshelf, or a shelving unit?

Yes we can grout small areas for you.


Do you do plumbing?

No, we focus on handyman work and plumbing work requires a licensed plumber. We can arrange plumbing work if it is a part of a larger job or contract, however, for a one-off plumbing task, it is better for you to engage a licensed plumbing contractor yourself.

Do you do electrical work?

No, we focus on handyman work and electrical work requires a licensed electrician. We can arrange electrical work if it is a part of a larger job or contract, however, for a one-off electrical task, it is better for you to engage a licensed electrical contractor yourself.

Do you do cabinet making?

Yes, we can do minor works, but for major cabinet making it is best to contact a cabinetmaker. We can assemble and install flat pack cabinets..

Do you replace tap washers, fix water pipes, or can you fix my sink mixer?

You are best to contact a plumber for these types of repairs.

Can you replace the silicon in my kitchen or bathroom?
Yes we can remove the old silicon and apply new silicon to these junctions.
My rangehood is not working, can you fix it?
It may be an electrical issue or an appliance problem. You are best to get in touch with a specialist for this issue.
My tap is loose, can you fix it?
Yes. We can tighten up loose sink mixers and taps.
Can you install bathroom fittings?
Yes we can install towel rails, toilet roll holders, mirrored cabinets and more. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs.


My light globe has blown. Can you replace it?

Yes. We can replace light globes but do not carry all types with us. If we need to, we’ll source the correct one after seeing what you require. If you have them ready for us to change it will save time and money.

The battery in my smoke alarm needs to be changed. Can you help?

Yes we can change the battery on your smoke alarm or alarms.

I have bought a new clothesline, can you install it?

Yes. We can install ground mounted and wall mounted clotheslines and can supply the necessary fixings to attach it to the wall.

Do you replace flyscreen mesh?

Yes. Just advise the type of flyscreen you have and some approximate dimensions and we will sort it out for you.

Can you install mirrors?

Yes, we can install a mirror that you have purchased from a store. But we do not cut glass, so if you need a custom mirror, you’ll need to call a glazier.

Do you hang pictures and artwork?

Yes we can install these to plaster walls or brick walls and can provide two men or more as needed for larger installations.

Can you install my fixtures and fittings to the wall?

Yes. Just describe the type and quantity of the items and we can sort it out for you.

Can you install shelves?

We can install shelves that you have bought and can supply and fit a few different shelving options. Let us know what you require and we can discuss options.

Can you mount my TV bracket to the wall?
Yes we certainly can install the bracket and lift the TV onto it. It is best if you have sourced the correct bracket for the TV you have. For OH&S reasons, large televisions may require two men.
I have a list of things I need done. Can you help with this?
Sure can, this is what a handyman does. If materials are required we can source them for you or you can supply them. Call or email to discuss your needs.


Are you insured?

Yes. City Handyman has Public Liability Insurance and a Workcover Policy in place.

What tools do you carry on the scooter?

The tools necessary for basic installations and maintenance work can be carried on the scooters. These allow us to get into the spaces of the inner suburbs and in particular, the CBD. For the larger jobs we use utes and vans.

I don’t have a ladder. Can you bring one?

Yes, we can bring a ladder.

Are you able to get the materials for me?

Yes we can source materials for your job. Alternatively, if you supply the correct materials for the job we will use them. We have a wide range of suppliers so we can source the right materials for your job at reasonable rates.

Do you charge for materials?

Yes, materials are additional to labour charges.

Do you do rubbish removal?

Yes. Rubbish removal can be done and is priced on a volumetric basis.

Can you help me today?

We generally book in advance and we strive to be a rapid service, so get in touch and we can try to fit you in.

I want to prepare my house for sale. Can you help?

By all means, yes. Send through your list of jobs and we can get your property looking its best.

Do you have all the tools you might need?

We have all of the tools that a handyman needs. We carry a large range of tools for a wide variety of tasks. If we know what the job involves, we use the most suitable transport mode, and bring the right tools for the job..

Do you do gardening?

Yes. City Handyman can help with gardening work for residential clients. We also carry out routine property maintenance for body corporates and real estate agencies.

Can you do regular and routine maintenance?

Yes. We specialise in regular maintenance and can offer a program to keep your asset in top condition.

Ausy maintenance services also provides quality services for Real Estate and  Rental properties such as


Lawn Mowing


Concrete pressure cleaning


Roof gutter cleaning




General handyman repairs






Handyman Services

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